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't shrinking so fast. we have gone from 10%, basically what he inherited down to 4% of the economy and on the way down to 2% by the end of the president's term. if he were not to doing this about spending and we were invest can in the future, in education, research, we are seeing american research going to china and we are not spending tax dollars on basic research, which corporations don't do. >> that's always been done by government. so, neither the finding about young people is surprising, nor is the president's focus. yeah, we have brought down the deficit is what he is saying, significantly, 90% of americans seem to be unaware of this. >> david, there are more than 10 million americans receiving disability benefits. 47 million on food stamps? >> yeah. >> torn in 4 million on long-term, getting unemployment benefits. the president's initiatives call for more spending. we still have a very big deficit and a very big nut to pay to foreign countries. is more spending the way to go? >> we are not paying to other countries. >> that's a misunderstanding to what the deficit is about.
in the economy a jump in construction and manufacturing jobs helped bring the unemployment rate down to 5%. the economy gained 200,000 new positions last month. >>> in mexico startling new developments about a cargo of stolen radioactive material. they havthey have arrested two . they are being treated for raid radiation poisoning. poisoning. ♪ ♪ >>> as the word continues to mourn the loss of nelson mandela, stories are emerging of how america was crucial in the fight against racial segregation. consider this what was america's role in helping break the power of apartheid ove overseas the secretary for african a affairs will join us. >>> new york's mayor elects one of the biggest supporters to head the nypd. >>> a new wave of violence hit bebengazi. >> what would it be like to live on a floating ship in the middle of the ocean. >>> welcome to "consider this". we begin with the celebration of the life and legacy of nelson mandemandela. a ten-day mourning period began in south africa where mandela ercheddeendended the wave of ap. >>> mamandela's fellow lauret sd the sun will rise tomor
. they were audiologically opposed. they had a closed-off economy, they were politically and militarily opposed. with china, we depend on china. every object we pick up says made in china, and china depends on us. what we have here is a situation in which our economic interests, our political interests in many areas, our interests in solving global problems like climate change and piracy are aligned. what we need to do is create diplomatic channels that find ways to resolve the territorial issues without letting it spin out of control. if you think about world war i, nobody wanted to go to war. but, you know, there was a fascination in serbia, and as it escalated, the sort of logic of alliance meant that they ended up in a conflict. that is what secretary of state john kerry is trying to prevent. >> your foreign policy service, your greatest fame may have come from an article in "the at lantic" calmed "why women still can't have it all." you wrote and i quote: >> what that is to change for that to happen, and how do we go about it? >> thanks for asking. i never expected to be talking on
reasonable people know the sanctions has devastated the iranian economy. the reason why iran has made this about-face, signed the geneva agreement, because it realized its economy, the future of its regime was headed toward disaster. it had to make a compromise. >> that's what's going on. >> zarif said and insisted that iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and transparent. >> we have nothing to hide. they have been searching iran up and down, in and out, for the past 10 years probably more than they have searched any other country on the face of this earth. and they have not found a single evidence of diversion of our nuclear program into anything other than peaceful purposes. >> if you watch him. is he as netanyahu said on, a wolfe in sheep's clothing? >> i am a reminded of a diplomat who says an ambassador is someone who is a nice gentleman who is sent abroad to lie for the good of his country. we are seeing that in his statements, that he is a very likeable statements but these statements have to be deciphered and interpreted. >> is clear, they hit the nuclear facility a
of the economy. >> he was good at leading. the task that if asked him after taking power in 1994, and the period between his release in 1990 and 1994 elections was a tush -- tush u lant war. he led the negotiations, he was not the chief negotiators. he oversaw the negotiations to this new constitution that brought south africa into a new political dispensation with a strong bill of rights, in fact, a model bill of rights, a strong independent supreme court. he was very much the leader of a transition, and then in his first five years of office, his only five years, because we must remember one of his great lessons of leadership is that he stepped down after a term and relinquished power. during the five years most of the attention was put on revising, repealing the apartheid laws that made south africa a segregated society and modifying other laws and dealing with the needs of electricity, housing, water, sewerage, basic provisions to make life better in the african townships outside the cities. the problem is south africa today, 15 years since he left office, he's faced with a host of an intra
if you get a mri scan for your brain. it's worked in some sector of the economy and it's not worked in other areas of the world. we have quacks and it's confusing and complicated and they need help. and putting it on a web page so people can read it is not a guarantee that anyone is going to read it or if they read it understand it. >> ron have the half million customers that have been served by 23 and me already, has anyone been harmed by their results? >> i have been looking around to find examples and i can't find any. there has to be someone that has complained by something obviously it's not a huge problem as far as i can tell there have been no complaints whether olodged by the fda and e things that the fda might want to do instead of closing down the company that they may do in the next two weeks if they don't get the answers they like back. call up and survey the customers and find out what the experience have been and see if we have any complaints or confusion and move from there. >> or alternatively. >> go ahead. >> i'm going to say alternative alternative 23 and me could
in five years. the economy gained more than 200,000 positions. 20,000 more than expected. >> in mexico six arrested and facing charges after stealing radioactive material. they are in hospital being checked for radiation exposure. they'll be freed and handed over the government authorities. >> could be bug free. the response time is down to one second. i'm morgan radford. those are the headlines. "consider this" is up next. remember, you can get the latest news online at k >> coming how many - an 85-year-old american detained in north korea is now free. >> global mourning - cards and flowers overflying in johannesburg. >> help wanted - a december surprise on the jobs front. more companies are hiring and the economy shows signs of a rebound. >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford, live in new york
haiyan. there is a big effort taking place to at least get the local economy moving. >> reporter: there is very, very little left on the shoreline here. this man is a fisherman, or he was. how much were you earning before typhoon hit and how much now? >> translator: before i was earning about 300 pesos a day from the catch, but now i don't earn anything, because what i catch is what we eat. because i don't have a boat. >> reporter: and the truth is is story is replicated thousands of times across the area. the challenge has been to get people working and to let the local economy take over again. every street is an absolute mess and they need cleaning up, which means you have ready-made jobs. which is why you have got upwards of 20,000 people lining up every morning in the work for cash system. >> 500 pesos, so that even if they are cleaning their house, we pay them. our point is that if every one of them are cleaning up, we can revive it, and with the money that they have on hand, they are able to buy things. if you go to the markets now, there are a lot of things for sale. immed
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)